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Welcome to the LSA, the lighting industry's fastest-growing and only non-profit trade association focused exclusively on the empowerment and success of independent lighting showrooms.

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Cohesive Industry Support and Advocacy, which has never been more important than now for Independent Lighting Showrooms. We create awareness of the issues critical to your day-to-day operations and forge cohesive industry partnerships.


Access to Small Group Networking, with a focus on the issues that are important to you. Your exclusive member network helps your showroom grow and navigate innumerable business challenges.


Exclusive Members-Only contact including our massively popular holiday sale tracking calendar, price change tracking, tips, monthly newsletters, and helpful document templates.

Exclusive programs

Our Popular and Cost-Saving LSA Initiative, is available only to LSA Member Showrooms, designed to boost your profitability and success.

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Exclusive Technology to Boost Your Sales, Industry Job Board, "Why Lighting" Marketing, Events & More!


MEMBER DUES (annual)
Independent Lighting Showroom | $595
Manufacturers | $1,495
Service Providers/Supporting Vendor | $995
Sales Agent | $195