What is the Lighting Showroom Association?

Initially a gathering of industry professionals on social media, the LSA is the grassroots, day-to-day support your lighting showroom needs.

In October 2017, LSA Co-Founder Lisa Bartlett created a social media group called the "Lighting Showroom Coalition" and invited anyone in the industry to join in the conversation on any and all topics that impact the operations of independent lighting showrooms. The group rapidly expanded, eventually gaining nearly 3,000 members and the interest of the entire lighting industry. We realized that day-to-day engagement on issues facing the independent lighting showroom community were under-served in our industry, so the Lighting Showroom Association, a non-profit trade association, was founded in November 2018 with a mission to not only identify widespread industry problems, but to also find solutions and share those possibilities with our members.

The LSA membership is comprised of independent lighting showrooms, manufacturers, sales agents, and industry service providers. All members share a strong commitment to the independent lighting showroom distribution channel and we believe that through clear, effective communication and discussion that we can meet nearly any challenge facing our industry and find a way forward, together and successfully for all!

The Benefits of Membership

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What is an Independent Lighting Showroom?

Independent Lighting Showrooms (ILS) are privately owned small businesses located in every part of the United States and Canada. Our best estimate indicates there are approximately 1,500 independent lighting showrooms that provide essential service, design, advice, and support to our communities. Some ILS have only one location while others have multiple, but we all have one thing in common -- a passion for great lighting, fans, lighting controls, and home decor! ILS always have a wide variety of fixtures on display and an expert staff to answer all of your questions about ever-changing lighting technology. Most showrooms provide light fixture layouts and work with a wide range of customers from retail shoppers to home builders to interior designers and architects. Visit your local ILS and let us show you the light (and fans and more)!

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